Sports Medicine



Bethel University Sports Medicine is an integral part of Athletics at Bethel University. Our Athletic Trainers provide professional sports medicine services in order to ensure the safety and competitiveness of our 750 student athletes across 33 sports.   

Our Athletic Trainers work under the skilled expertise of Heather Gladwell M.D. and Henry County Orthopedics to provide prevention, recognition, evaluation and rehabilitation services. Our Athletic Trainers also work closely with our on campus Health Services and other outside medical providers to ensure that every athlete has access to the right care when they need it.  Every Athletic Trainer on our staff holds a state medical license and national certification and is an active member of The National Athletic Trainers Association.

Vision Statement

The Bethel University Sports Medicine staff will become the leader in the NAIA in providing Athletic Training & Sports Medicine Services to our student-athletes by operating in a positive manner that fulfills the Christian mission statement of Bethel University, and by staying cutting edge in continuing education and application of the highest professional standards in the field of Athletic Training.

Successful achievement of our Vision Statement will be measured by how quickly we safely return student-athletes to their prospective sports, and achieve perfect compliance with all legal and ethical standards set forth by the State of Tennessee, National Athletic Trainers Association, Board of Certification and National Association Intercollegiate Athletics.


"Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than people" (Ephesians 6:7 NLT)


General Information

          325 Cherry Ave              University Main Number:   (731) 352-4000

McKenzie, TN 38201               Sports Medicine Fax:          (731) 352-6916

BU Sports Medicine Staff

Sports Medicine Director

Suzanne Seat, MS, LAT, ATC

(731) 676-8071                                    [email protected]

Jason Essary, MA, LAT, ATC

(901) 283-6685                                 [email protected]

Garrett Robinson, LAT, ATC

(207) 239-5521                                  [email protected]

Andrew, Hinds, MA, LAT, ATC

(217) 494-3376                                  [email protected]

David Holsinger, LAT, ATC

(901) 484-2397                                   [email protected]

Laura Horner, LAT, ATC                   

(405) 255-2759                                 [email protected]

Instructions and Forms

Student-Athletes - Please read coaches letter and fill out all forms and submit them to your Coach before July 15th, 2015.


Visitors Guide


If you are unable to travel with your team please let us know.