Bethel University Men's Basketball 2016 Basketball Camps

High School Team Camp

June 6, 7, 8

Middle School Camp

June, 9, 10, 11

Boy's Individual Camp  Page 2

June 27 - 29

For more information contact:

Coach Jeff Britt at (731) 352-4203 or email: [email protected]

Coach Aaron Johnson at (731) 445-4041 or email: [email protected]


Bethel University Women's Basketball 2017 Basketball Camps

High School Team Camp

June 12-15

Middle School Camp

June, 16-17

Girl's Individual Camp

June 20 - 23

For more information contact:

Coach Chris Nelson at (731) 352-4204, Cell: (731) 697-1284, Fax: (731) 352-4238 or email: [email protected]

Bethel University Football Camp 2016

Elementary Camp:  June 1, 8am-12pm

Middle School Camp:  June 2, 8am-12pm

For more information contact:

Coach Chris Elliot at (731) 352-6424 or email: [email protected]

Bethel Tennis Camp 2016

June 13-17, 20-24, July 11-15

For More Information Contact:

Coach Ernesto Escamila at (731) 352-4064 or email:  [email protected]

Bethel Men's Soccer Residential Camp 2016

July 17 - 20

For more information contact:

Coach Melvin Belong at [email protected]

Bethel Women's Soccer Residential Camp 2015

July 12 - July 15


Bethel Volleyball Camps 2016

Individual Skills Camp 

July 6 - July 8

  • Two sessions per day
  • Designed to work on the fundamentals of volleyball in a challenging and fun environment.
  • Overnight Campers $175
  • Open to grades 7-12
  • Includes an extra night session for more skill development and competitive games.
  • Commuter $150
  • Open to grades 5-12
  • Check in 7:45-8:45 at Vera Low Center
  • Meals are provided for this camp
  • Check Out is after the awards ceremony on the 8th Ceremony at 12pm

One Day Positional Camps:

Cost is $65 per camp

Sessions 8:30-2:30 with a break for lunch.

Campers are responsible for either bringing a lunch or having money to each at Chick Fil A or The Daily Grind on Campus.

Libero Camp July 11

Will focus on passing and defensive techniques, serving, and out of system setting

Setter Camp July 11

Will focus on all aspects on setting including footwork, hand placement and decision making

Hitter Camp July 12

This camp is for outside, middle, and right side hitters. Training will focus on various attacks as well as position specific drills.