Bethel University Athletic Staff
 Dale KelleyDirector of Athletics[email protected](731) 352-6428
 Brad ChappellAssociate Athletics Director[email protected](731) 352-6432
 Kristy DunnAthletic Operations Coodinator[email protected](731) 352-6428
 Misty PerrittAthletic Office Manager[email protected](731) 352-6389
 Malissa VaughnFaculty Athletic Rep[email protected](731) 571-6445
 Ty ButlerDirector of Sports Medicine[email protected](731) 352-4294
 Garry MasonCommunity Fisheries Liaison[email protected](731) 352-4206
 Ronnie MaxwellFacility Manager[email protected](731) 676-5994
 Amy ThompsonDirector of Development[email protected](731) 352-6972
 Brian PageAthletic Development-Sales[email protected](731) 431-2296
Department of Athletic Media Relations
 Dave McCulleyDirector of Athletic Media Relation[email protected](731) 352-4231
 Zach O'KelleyAthletic Media Relations Assistant[email protected](731) 352-4231
 Derrick HubbleAMR Assistant- GA WBB[email protected](731) 352-4231
 Bridget NeislerStudent Assistant(731) 352-4231
 Braden NanneyStudent Assistant731-352-4231
 Morgan IngramStudent Assistant(731) 352-4231
 Meagan SmithStudent Assistant(731) 352-4231
 Randy PirtleStudent Assistant(731) 352-4231
 Ejaaz TateStudent Assistant (731) 352-4231
 Brittany KeithStudent Assistant(731) 352-4231
Athletic Trainers
 Jason EssaryAthletic Trainer[email protected](731) 352-4294
 Suzanne Seat Athletic Trainer[email protected](731) 352-4294
 Andrew HindsAssistant Trainer[email protected](731) 352-4294
 Cindy HurtInsurance Coordinator[email protected](731) 352-6923
 David HolsingerAthletic Trainer[email protected](731) 352-4294
 Laura HornerAthletic Trainer(731) 352-4294
 Garrett RobinsonAthletic Trainer(731) 352-4294
 Kenny LoudenHead Coach[email protected](731) 697-3563
 Joella BatesAssistant Coach
 Rusty ThompsonHead Coach[email protected](731) 352-6386
 Nick ThompsonAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 695-2031
Men's Basketball
 Jeff BrittHead Coach[email protected](731) 352-4203
 Aaron JohnsonAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 352-4234
 Jonathan StanleyAssistant Coach- JV Head Coach[email protected](865) 591-8055
Women's Basketball
 Chris NelsonHead Coach[email protected](731) 352-4204
 Tyler TateAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 352-4204
 Derrick HubbleGraduate Assistant[email protected](731) 571-8116
Bass Fishing
 Garry MasonHead Coach[email protected](731) 693-7770
 Kenny LoudenAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 697-3563
 Clay BoydHead Coach[email protected](731) 363-1825
 Dennis BohnertAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 336-2741
Cross Country
 Brandon KilburnMen's/Women's Head Coach[email protected](731) 412-8825
 Wes BradshawAssistant Coach
 Chris ElliottHead Coach[email protected](731) 352-6424
 Alan HollowellAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 352-4213
 Paul FrazierAssistant Coach [email protected](901) 581-9674
 Luke RothAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 352-4212
 Ryan WallAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 352-4212
 Brandon CorbinAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 352-4212
 Michael JasperAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 353-4213
 Dustin KincaidGraduate Assistant(731) 352-4212
 Leigh CarrHead Coach[email protected](731) 234-6505
 Larry GeraldiMen's/Women's Head Coach[email protected](931) 264-0030
In-Line Hockey
 Ryne PottsHead Coach[email protected](630) 220-4219
Shooting Sports
 Thomas EdwardsHead Coach[email protected](731) 431-8287
Men's Soccer
 Malang JarjuHead Coach[email protected](731) 415-0651
Women's Soccer
 Misty AirdHead Coach[email protected](731) 352-4229
 Ellen Renfroe ReedHead Coach[email protected](731) 352-4084
 Jon ReedAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 352-4084
 Kayci RezacMen's /Women's Head Coach[email protected](714) 421-2022
Track & Field
 Brandon KilburnMen's /Women's Head Coach[email protected](731) 412-8825
 Wes BradshawAssistant Coach
 Ernesto EscamillaMen's/Women's Head Coach[email protected](731) 352-4064
 Starla CupplesHead Coach[email protected](731) 352-6436
 Michelle CunhaAssistant Coach[email protected](731) 358-2472