Athletic Staff


 Dale Kelley Photo
Dale Kelley
Director of Athletics
 Brad Chappell Photo
Brad Chappell
Associate Athletics Director
 Kristy Dunn Photo
Kristy Dunn
Athletic Operations Coodinator
 Misty Perritt Photo
Misty Perritt
Athletic Office Manager
 Malissa  Vaughn Photo
Malissa Vaughn
Faculty Athletic Rep
 Garry Mason Photo
Garry Mason
Community Fisheries Liaison
 Amy Thompson Photo
Amy Thompson
Director of Development
 Brian Page Photo
Brian Page
Athletic Development-Sales

Department of Athletic Media Relations

 Dave McCulley Photo
Dave McCulley
Director of Athletic Media Relation
 Zach O'Kelley Photo
Zach O'Kelley
Athletic Media Relations Assistant
 Derrick Hubble Photo
Derrick Hubble
AMR Assistant- GA WBB
 Bridget Neisler Photo
Bridget Neisler
Student Assistant
 Braden Nanney Photo
Braden Nanney
Student Assistant
 Morgan Ingram Photo
Morgan Ingram
Student Assistant
 Meagan Smith Photo
Meagan Smith
Student Assistant
 Randy Pirtle Photo
Randy Pirtle
Student Assistant
 Ejaaz Tate Photo
Ejaaz Tate
Student Assistant
 Marquez Pirtle Photo
Marquez Pirtle
Student Assistant
 Josh Johnson Photo
Josh Johnson
Student Assistant
 Chris Sumner Photo
Chris Sumner
 Logan Thompson Photo
Logan Thompson
Student Assistant

Athletic Trainers


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